Wholesale Partners (Resellers)

This section must be read together with all other Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, Acceptable Usage Policies and links to other sites contained on our website www.smerno.com / legal.smerno.com

Reseller Mobile – SIM Packs

SIM packs purchased and not activated in the month of purchase or the month following will be invoiced on renewal at R10.00 per inactive SIM (no data allocated to SIM). The monthly charge of R10.00 will continue until data is allocated to the SIM or the SIM is cancelled from within the Control Panel.

Example: A SIM Pack of 5 SIMS is purchased on the 20th of January, in February 2 SIMS are activated and 1 SIM is cancelled. On the 1st of March you will be invoiced R10.00 x 2 for the 2 inactive SIMS if they have not been cancelled before the 1st of March.

Please note that all SIM packs purchased prior to January 2017 will be seen as having been purchased during January 2017 and will be subject to the Terms as set out above.


The cancellation of a product or service is the Wholesale Partner (Resellers) responsibility. Cancellations must be actioned via email to support@smerno.com before the 22nd of the month. Failure to cancel your services will result in your service or product being activated for a new month and therefore liable for payment. A minimum calendar months' notice is required for all services unless otherwise stated. Services purchased on a promotion may carry additional cancellation terms and early cancellation fees may be payable.

Smerno will not be responsible for incorrect cancellations processed via email, or be liable for any losses incurred. The reactivation of a service after cancellation has taken place is not always possible and a new service may need to be purchased.

Service Changes (Applies to DSL, Fibre, Mobile and Voice)

Service Changes are changes to the product, speed, combo or data purchased which changes the renewal of the service/s and are billed prorata.

For ease of understanding, services referred to as Upgraded services are services which result in a price increase on the next renewal and Downgraded services are services which result in a lesser billed renewal than the current service.

Clients are not able to service change to an Upgraded service and then service change to a Downgraded service in the same month. The Upgraded service change must first be renewed before a Downgrade can be set for the next renewal.

Example: a Mobile Data service is service changed from 1GB to 5GB in August. The client will only be able to set a service change to a Mobile Data service smaller than 5GB during the month of September for October as the service must first be renewed on 1 September at 5GB before it can be downgraded.

Payment Options / Terms

You will only be able to purchase services up to the value of your credit balance on your profile. To ensure that your payment reflects, please ensure that you pay well in advance. Should your payment for the following not reflect by 17:00 on the last day of the month, your products will not be active on the 1st.

Month End

Please note that the Console control panels will be offline between 19:00 and 00:30 on the last day of every month due to various monthly processing operations that need to be performed. Services that have reached 100% usage will be capped and you will not be able to top up until 00:30. Please ensure that all new purchases, service changes and top ups have been processed before 17:00 on the last day of the month to ensure that your request is actioned before 19:00. Cancellations should be processed via your own control panel before 19:00.

ZA Central Registry

By purchasing domains (new or transfer of existing domain name) in the ZACR domain space on behalf of his/her client the Smerno Reseller is subject to the same terms and is bound by the conditions set out in the Registry Registrar Agreement which has been entered into by Smerno Proprietary Limited and the ZA CENTRAL REGISTRY NPC.

The agreement can be found at https://www.registry.net.za - Legal/Policies - Registrant Agreement.

In accordance with ZACR Policy, domains are to be registered in the name of the owner and not the person who is managing or maintaining the domain on their behalf. Please ensure that all new domain registrations as well as existing domain transfers are signed up using the owners name and contact details and not that of the Business Partner (Reseller).

Telkom ADSL Lines Billing

The Terms and Conditions for ADSL lines applies to Resellers as stated above except for billing purposes. On completion of a new/transfer of an ADSL line no billing takes place (month of completion is free). In terms of upgrading of the ADSL line the billing is calculated at the difference between the original speed and the upgraded speeds pricing. All other Terms as stated above apply including the Telkom terms and conditions which can be found at