Acceptance of Terms

I accept and understand that:

The service will be subject to:
1. Provisions of the Electronic Communications Act No 36 of 2005 ("the ECA"). Telkom's Public Switched Telecommunications Service License Conditions, SAIX & MTN Conditions of Service as amended from time to time. (A copy of these conditions is available from Telkom, SAIX & MTN).
2. I will rent the service for the contract term as indicated in this order. Cancellation via control panel is the accepted cancellation method.
3. Smerno will be entitled to change the price of any service purchased or discontinue a service or product type. Smerno endeavors to provide clients with reasonable notice of such changes.
4. Smerno reserves the right to limit the methods of payment options per service or product type.
5. Should I/we fail to pay my/our account I/we shall be liable for any resultant collection, tracing and/or legal fees and my services will be suspended.
6. Smerno will be entitled to verify the information contained on the client's order form and generally make enquiries it deems necessary. Smerno will also be entitled to furnish any information regarding the client's account with Smerno and his compliance with these conditions to any credit bureau / Bank.
7. I/we hereby indemnify Smerno against any damage, loss, claims or cost that may result from the work being done in connection with the connection and / or removal of the service.
8. All services sold by Smerno are sold as a best effort service, throughput is in no way guaranteed.

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